C-Suite Career Advice: Andrew Peterson, Signal Sciences

What are the three skills or abilities you look for in prospective candidates? "The three skills I look for in prospective candidates are drive, social skills, and culture fit."

Name: Andrew Peterson

Company: Signal Sciences

Job Title: Co-Founder and CEO

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Peterson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Signal Sciences, one of the world's fastest growing cybersecurity companies. Under his leadership, Signal Sciences has become the leading and most trusted provider of next-gen WAF and RASP technology. As CEO, Peterson is responsible for overseeing all business functions, go-to-market activities, and attainment of strategic, operational and financial goals. Prior to founding Signal Sciences, he spent over fifteen years with companies such as Etsy, Google, and the Clinton Foundation building leading edge, high performing product and sales teams across five continents.

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