Tapping into the power of APIs

IT emerges as a business enabler with reusable building blocks.

The business world has become much more demanding of technology in recent years. Driven by a thirst to innovate and find efficiencies, the pressure on IT departments has grown exponentially. But they've now hit breaking point, and are being asked to take on more than they can handle.

According to a MuleSoft survey of global IT decision makers, more than half (59%) of organisations were unable to deliver on all their projects last year. In the UK that percentage was even higher, with over three quarters (76%) of businesses unable to complete all projects.

As technology in the business world evolves, so should operating models. MuleSoft's CTO, Uri Sarid, believes the answer lies in a new way of working where the IT department becomes a ‘business enabler' that helps departments build their own solutions, rather than delivering all IT projects itself. "The IT team's new role will centre around building and operating reusable assets with APIs, which the rest of the business can use to create the solutions they need," he recently wrote.

"The IT department will secure, manage and maintain the core IT systems, but will expose those, as building blocks, through APIs that enable other areas of the business to innovate by building their own applications," says Ian Fairclough, Vice-President of Services at MuleSoft EMEA. "It's a shift from an ‘all-doing' department to an enabling department."

One good example of this comes from Derby University, which built an automation framework using APIs into key platforms. By doing so, the institution enabled the IT department's focus to shift from IT fixes to business drivers.


The growth of APIs

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