CTO Sessions: Kevin Hall, Ripcord

What makes an effective tech strategy? "Business alignment, team design and space for disruptive thinking are critical components to any tech strategy."

Name: Kevin Hall

Company: Ripcord

Job title: CTO and co-founder

Date started current role: August 2015

Location: Hayward, California

As chief technology officer, Kevin Hall is responsible for engineering research and development, technology creation and direction, and leading Ripcord's growing hardware and software teams. Hall has deep experience in industrial robotics and computer vision. Prior to Ripcord, he was the founder of Source Robotics, a robotics consulting company that primarily focused on automation system design and machine vision for robot guidance. Earlier in his career, he was a robotics application engineer at Adept Technology where he designed and deployed vision guided, industrial robotic systems; and a robotics engineer at Synbotics, where he developed autonomous ground vehicles for the US military.

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