Crowdsourcing Innovation: A Retrospective

A quick look back at the last 12 months’ worth of crowdfunding interviews.

It’s coming up to a year since we published our first Crowdfunding interview – David Endler’s security startup Jumpshot. So here’s a nice retrospective look at the last 12 months.

-          We’ve featured plenty of interviews with companies looking to find favour and fortune online from all corners of the world: from Jordan to China, New Zealand to Belize and of course London to Silicon Valley.

-          We’ve had all kinds of projects, from Gamification apps to personal Clouds to 3D printers to loads and loads of wearable tech.

-          And we don’t just chase the money – we cover all kinds of successes. There’s been Open Source laptops raising $700,000+ to more modest victories and a fair few failures as well.

-          There’s also a Chief Executive Pirate, because CEO is so stuffy.


Some of my personal favourite projects include:

-          Laura Sapiens and their EGO! Smartmouse.

-          TREWGrip, the keyboard for your smartphone.

-          Both Tango and & ICE xPC, the modular all-in-one computers released at the same time.

-          The super-interactive touch board from Bare Conductive.

-          And GlassUp, the smart glasses treading on Google’s toes.


And what’s next? More interviews, more projects, and maybe even a special report.

If you’ve got a techy Crowdfunding project going, get in touch