Remote work and security: Which tools help the most?

As businesses go all-in on remote work, what tools are available to help maintain and improve business security?

With remote working policies truly entrenched into business culture as a result of Covid-19, it's important to understand the tools that can be used to keep workforces secure, and deliver positive outcomes.

SpecOps Software recently put together a list of the top 10 free IT tools that businesses are using to protect their remote employees. Each of these tools serves a different purpose and can help organisations to focus on, and improve, different aspects of their cybersecurity program.

Tools turn the tables on cybercrime

For many businesses, authentication has become integral to the viability of their remote working policies and the ability to keep company data safe. SpecOps Password Auditor is a tool that helps improve authentication policies and allows businesses to maintain healthy password security across a workforce. It works by permitting IT admins to scan their active directory for password-related security vulnerabilities. Its companion tool, SpecOps Password Notification, is used simultaneously to send out emails to remote workers letting them know about password expirations. When used together, these two tools give ID admins greater control over their enterprise authentication processes and help ensure that password related issues are minimised.

Alongside authentication, many security teams prioritise maintaining full visibility into the devices connected to the network. If security teams know who is accessing the network, and when, it makes it much easier to notice when potential cybercriminals have caused a breach. mRemoteNG, gives IT leaders this visibility allowing them to view and monitor all remote connections accessing the network at any time.

Another tool widely used by security experts is Clonezilla, an open source toolkit designed to clone disks and hard drives and facilitate backup and recovery. Suitable for single machine backup and restore, Clonezilla allows users to clone a device's storage media to a separate new device. This makes it a handy tool for companies unable to supply their workforce with remote devices and who rely on their own personal equipment whilst out of the office.

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