CTO Sessions: Yogesh Patel, Callsign

What makes an effective tech strategy? "An effective tech strategy is focused around people, processes and system."

Name: Yogesh Patel

Company: Callsign

Job title: CTO & Head of AI Research

Date started current role: October 2018

Location: London ,UK

Yogesh Patel is currently Chief Technology Officer at Callsign, where he is responsible for applied machine learning research and designing intelligence-driven authentication solutions for large financial institutions. With over a decade's experience in the machine learning, fraud and security space, Patel provides his wealth of expertise to the industry and helps to shape strategic thinking and planning at CxO level. Previous roles have included senior positions at world-leading organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC Plc and NICE Actimize; where he was responsible for defining IT Strategy for security, fraud and the financial crime domain.

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