Everything you need to know about… Cloud computing

Our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on cloud computing.

Cloud is pretty well ubiquitous from platforms like AWS and Azure to private clouds, hybrid variants, applications and beyond. Cloud might be just the latest platform used to deploy IT but, like the mainframe and client/server architectures before, it is also the basis for a generation of new companies who can quickly build the necessary infrastructure and services to meet the needs of flexible, global, always-on businesses.

Here's everything you need to know. 




Cloud native - the successes so far and the challenges ahead

How has Kubernetes become the go to framework? We look at the trail map of projects, the industries embracing it and why.

Training and certification for a cloud native world

Kubernetes and Cloud Native is a fast-growing area -- who should be getting training, how can certification help companies, and what skills should be focused on?

Are we any closer to hybrid cloud nirvana?

Hybrid cloud was supposed to mean the freedom to run workloads where you want.

Why the rise of Cloud doesn't mean the end of On-Premises systems

Even with the mass adoption of Cloud services, companies continue to rely on the business benefits On-Premise IT provides.

Are Cloud services essential for AI development?

A discussion on how the Cloud is crucial for the evolution of Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon AWS: Which is better?

Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are the two giants in public cloud… but how do you make a decision on which is better for your organisation? This IT Central Station report is based on real users' feedback on each solution.


Industry interviews


Rocket to the cloud: AWS on migration strategy and serverless architectures

With public cloud adoption beyond fever-pitch, we sat down with AWS Global Executive Advisory Mario Thomas to discuss modern-day cloud migration strategies.

Talend CEO joins dots of the new cloud order

The future looks bright for Talend as cloud growth continues.

A Cloud-First Company

CIO Mark Sunday discusses Oracle's transformation into the ‘world's fastest growing and most complete Cloud company'. 

Toshiba and Edge Computing

David Sims explains how Toshiba plans to use edge computing to streamline the data they store in the Cloud.

Cloud risks have a big upside for Skyhigh Networks CEO

Rajiv Gupta, the CEO of cloud access security broker pioneer Skyhigh Networks, is riding high on the back of cloud security.

Rackspace president seeks focus in a frenzied cloud market

Incoming Rackspace president Jeff Cotten sees service, international sales and application focus as keys to growth.

Syncplicity CEO syncs plans to beat sync/share leaders

Jon Huberman, CEO of Syncplicity, offers buyers an on-cloud/off-cloud alternative to Box and other collaboration leaders.



Cloud around the world


Amazon cloud looms over China: Bezos enters Alibaba home ground

As AWS enters in Hong Kong new figures show that Alibaba is streets ahead. Can Bezos wrestle control from China's own Alibaba?

Why are the world's cloud giants flocking to Northern Europe?

With Microsoft announcing plans for two new data centres in Norway, and the opening of Google's first cloud platform region in Scandinavia, why are the big cloud companies relocating?

China embraces cloud native technologies

Following the first KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in China, we look at uptake and interest, successes, and the challenges cloud native faces in the country.

In Bristol, Oracle cosies up to cloud startups

Database giant Oracle is attempting to feed off innovative newcomers via accelerator programme in Bristol, England.