Quotes of the week: "Only a matter of time before advanced AI is used to do this."

Some of the best quotes from the tech industry this week

“Only a matter of time before advanced AI is used to do this.”

Elon Musk reaffirms his distrust of AI, thinks it will be used to take out internet infrastructure


“When it’s all said and done, I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president because I care more about the future of my family, my children than I do about my pocketbook.”

Noted investor and billionaire Mark Cuban makes a pretty bold claim


“I think a lot of the voters take him seriously but not literally.”

Noted investor and billionaire Peter Thiel reaffirms his support for Donald Trump


“The internet has not been taken over by foreign governments.”

ICANN VP Jamie Hedlund reporting on the state of the internet a month after control of domain naming and numbering was ceded by the US


“Algorithms, when they are not transparent, can lead to a distortion of our perception, they can shrink our expanse of information.”

German chancellor Angela Merkel wants tech companies – especially search engines – to be more open about how they bring up results


“From the outside you won’t see that it’s a self-driving car… I’m pretty sure that people will challenge them if they are marked by doing really harsh braking in front of a self-driving car or putting themselves in the way.”

Volvo Senior Technical Leader Erik Coelingh explaining Volvo were worried their AI cars would get bullied, so will make them look like regular dumb cars


“Wow. Big news! Congratulations on today’s announcements. We’re genuinely excited to have some competition.”

Slack posted a passive aggressive response to Microsoft’s new Teams announcement on both Medium and in the NYT


“4.3 million smartphones contain more than 20 metric tonnes of Cobalt, approximately more than 1 tonne of tungsten, 1 tonne of silver, 100 kilograms of gold and between 20 and 60 kilograms of palladium.”

Greenpeace want to know how and where Samsung will be disposing of all these Galaxy Note 7S


“The Huawei Mate 9 is five degrees cooler that S7 edge. Offering 50% less emission than S7 edge and 8-layer thermal mechanics and no thermal voltage transmissions in phone. This makes the phone more safety, no explosion.”

Huawei’s Richard Yu hits Samsung where it hurts when announcing the new Mate 9