Device42 and ServiceNow: Which is the best IT asset management tool?

IT Central Station users compare two of the highest reviewed solutions in the IT asset management market: Device 42 and ServiceNow.

The asset management paradigm is shifting, and it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain all their assets using internal staff alone. Fortunately, digital transformation is providing opportunities for businesses to better manage their assets and help overcome these new challenges. However, choosing the right solution isn't easy - every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all' solution.

Over 388,000 professionals have used IT Central Station research to inform their purchasing decisions. Its latest paper looks at Device 42 and ServiceNow, two of the highest reviewed solutions in the IT asset management market.

Below is a brief summary of the report, highlighting what real IT Central Station users think of each solution - from their most valuable features, to how they've improved individual businesses, as well as what each solution could do better.


Providing accurate, automatic inventory tracking powered by automatic discovery

With an average rating of 8.8 from 13 reviews, Device 42 is well regarded in the IT asset management market. Deployed largely throughout the financial services, retail, and real estate industries, Device 42 is used by companies of all sizes. Larger companies account for 62% of reviewers, with mid-size and smaller companies sharing 23% and 15% respectively.

Users cite the solution's auto discovery as a key feature that sets it apart from the competition. Many praise how its auto discovery has helped them to update their devices and systems effectively, whilst others appreciate the simplicity it brings to inventory functionality. However, Device42's critics argue that it should have better Kubernetes integration, and would also benefit from greater availability to reduce downtime.



Keep your employees energised and improve your service levels with ServiceNow

Achieving an average rating of 8.2 from 19 reviews, ServiceNow is one of the most frequently reviewed IT asset management tools. Like Device42, ServiceNow appeals to a wide range of industries, with healthcare companies, financial services firms, and insurance companies all utilising the solution in their organisations. It also enjoys usage across companies of all sizes. Larger, 1000+ employee organisations make up 72% of reviewers, with mid-size and smaller companies sharing the remaining 28% of users with 15% and 13% each.

Easy integration with third-party applications makes this solution a standout performer in the IT asset management market. This feature is complimented by very good incident management, chain management and problem management capabilities. Although these features have established ServiceNow as a top choice for consideration, critics of the solution highlight its high price point and poor user interface as areas in need of improvement.