From China's cryptocurrency clampdown to VCs in LatAm: A pick of our 2017 regional highlights

A compilation of some of our best regional coverage from 2017

At a recent industry event in Silicon Valley one of the local technology marketers round the table piped up with a question:

“Which is the most important technology company in the world?”

The numerous US professionals round the table immediately began to weigh in with the usual bunch of North American companies. Until finally a fellow of Hong Kong spoke up: “But what Alibaba, Huawei or Tencent?”

Here at IDG Connect we’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on technology outside western markets and this year we’ve been especially interested in the rise of China. Our pick of regional coverage, grouped by continent, in chronological order, can be found below.



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Latin America

Why Venture Capitalists are looking at Latin America’s tech sector again

The thorny issue of automation across Latin America

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