TechUK reaffirms tech's Pro-Europe stance, but change is wanted

The UK tech scene says yes to Europe, with caveats.

Aside from a monorail from Euston to Kings Cross, there’s something else the UK’s tech leaders would like to see; a “stay” vote in any upcoming referendums.

A new poll from technology trade body TechUK found that the majority of the country’s technology professionals don’t want a Brexit to happen. Over 70% of the group’s members who took part in the survey want to stay within the European Union, albeit with some changes.

The creation of an open and competitive digital single market - something that is slowly coming to life - while reducing regulatory burdens are cited as the main changes they would like to see. 17% are happy to stay in the EU regardless of reforms.

Nearly 80% feel leaving the EU would negatively affect the UK’s influence on issues that matter to their business. Half think a Brexit would damage their ability to do business on the mainland and just under half feel it would damage access to skilled workers, while only 2% said that a vote to remain a member of the EU would threaten their growth prospects.

50% think a bespoke UK-EU trade deal would be the best alternative, but a third of respondents don’t know what any potential alternative would look like.

This study confirms an earlier survey conducted by Redshift Research and IP Expo Europe, which also showed UK IT types were in favour of being a part of Brussels, which is in line with other industries on the subject. This is at odds with many in the ruling Conservative party, where just under 60% of the party’s MPs believe a Brexit would be good for business.

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[Graphic via TechUK]