Secret CSO: Andy Ellis, Akamai

"Never open your mouth until you know what you’re trying to achieve."

Name: Andy Ellis

Company: Akamai

Job title: Chief Security Officer

Time in current role: It depends: 18 years as senior security person; 15 as head of InfoSec; 8 with CSO title.

Location: Cambridge, MA

Education: I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics, from MIT. That amounts to a concentration in Theoretical Computer Science -- someday, if someone ever builds a real computer, I'm qualified to explain what problems it can't really solve. I suppose that is a perfect degree for an infosec professional. Along the way (during my four-year hiatus after being kicked out), I studied at CSU Long Beach & Southern Vermont College. I used to hold a CISSP, but don't anymore. While I think it's an interesting marker, the churning through vendor-driven continuing education credits made it less worthwhile to maintain. I now call myself a Formerly Certified Security Professional (FCSP).


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