Innovation 2.0: What you need to know about graph-based machine learning

Graph-based machine learning is the next wave of digital disruption

Machine learning (ML) has been getting a lot of attention over the last year or so. This is partly because a variety of companies have been using it in a raft of innovative new ways and partly because it can get easily subsumed into the fuss and furore about ‘evil’ AI.

Graph technology, on the other hand, is something which takes more of a back seat and yet, in a lot of ways, also sits at the forefront of the big data and analytics movement. Interestingly, when the two come together they could provide the next wave of disruption for many businesses. 

We spoke to a number of experts in the field to discover what the future of machine learning and graph databases might look like. The full piece covers what these technologies are, how they are used separately and the major benefits of when the two are conjoined.

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