Awake Security Platform and Darktrace: Which is the best network traffic solution?

A comparison of two of the highest rated network traffic solutions in the market, with profiles of each and what they can offer enterprise.

Security has become increasingly important within enterprise. Almost every digital business has made cybersecurity a key priority and threat prevention has become a key business objective. One way businesses are looking to improve security is by focusing on the analysis of their network traffic. By maintaining visibility into their networks, businesses can detect and mitigate threats before they can cause irreparable damage. However, choosing the right network traffic solution isn't easy - every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all' solution.

Over 388,000 professionals have used IT Central Station research to inform their purchasing decisions. Its latest paper looks at Awake Security Platform and Darktrace, two of the highest reviewed solutions in the network traffic analysis market.

Below is a brief summary of the report, highlighting what real IT Central Station users think of each solution - from their most valuable features, to how they've improved individual businesses, as well as what each solution could do better.

Awake Security Platform

Combines federated machine learning, threat intelligence, and human expertise effortlessly

With an average rating of 9.5 from four reviews, Awake Security Platform enjoys a small, yet positive fanbase. Of interest to businesses across the marketing, healthcare, and communications industries, Awake Security Platform is used frequently by those actively seeking to improve their network traffic analysis capabilities.

Users point to the solution's encrypted traffic analysis as a good way to maintain compliance with government regulations. They also speak fondly of its query language which makes it easy to query the records of the network and search for various threat activities. However, whilst its query language is undoubtedly useful, the solution's critics point to its unfriendly user interface. Customers also feel the solution could be improved by introducing the capability to import STIX/TAXII in an IOC format.    


Uses AI algorithms to defend enterprise networks of all types and sizes

Achieving an average rating of 7.5 from eight reviews, Darktrace is clearly doing something right, but could be even better if issues are addressed effectively. With retailers, media companies, and comms service providers all taking an interest in the solution, Darktrace appeals to a wide audience, and this is reflected in the many different company sizes it finds itself deployed in. From small sub-200 employee companies, to 1000+ strong workforces, Darktrace is deployed all over enterprise.

Where the solution stands out is its ability to identify maliciously connected IPs from outside the business. Plaudits also agree that the solution provides a very efficient search functionality. Yet, for all its advantages Darktrace has come under scrutiny - the solution doesn't contain an endpoint agent that can react to specific triggers. It would also benefit from more automation to help with the reports of false positives and botnets.