Quotes of the Week: "A baseless attempt to slow down a competitor."

Some of the best quotes from the tech industry this week

“A baseless attempt to slow down a competitor.”

Uber’s response to Waymo’s lawsuit claiming the ride-hailing company stole trade secrets.


“We want people to see this like a Tron, or an Oblivion, or a Star Wars spaceship.”

RoboRace’s CMO Justin Cooke describing the aesthetic of its driverless race cars


“This potential decision would undermine peace and security, endanger a tenuous peace in the Congo, provide armed groups with new funding and would represent a major setback to the corporate transparency agenda.”

Steve Feldstein & Sasha Lezhnev of the Enough Project, on the consequences of rolling back the conflict mineral portion of the Dodd Frank Act


“To say that I am ashamed is an extreme understatement.”

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick apologises after a video of him arguing with an Uber driver leaked online


“I would explain that smartness is not single dimensional and not quite as important as I thought it was back then…I wasn't very good socially back then, but I am not sure there is advice that would fix that - maybe I had to be awkward and just grow up.”

Bill Gates explains what advice he would give to his 19-year-old self during a Reddit AMA


“Our competitors are Silicon Valley, they’re Boston, Germany, Shanghai and China. I want to create an environment where businesses worldwide say, ‘that’s where you’ve got to go to do business’.”

James Palmer, Conservative Candidate for Cambridgeshire’s mayoral elections, wants to put Peterborough on the global tech map


“I have agreed to forgo my annual bonus and my annual equity grant this year and have expressed my desire that my bonus be redistributed to our company’s hardworking employees, who contributed so much to Yahoo’s success in 2016.”

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer - estimated worth $300 Million – does a nice thing for her company’s beleaguered workers


“Consumers are pushed to upgrade their models so frequently that the average device is used for just over 2 years. The impacts on the planet are devastating,”

Greenpeace Senior Corporate Campaigner Elizabeth Jardim, in a statement calling for smartphone manufacturers to embrace recycling, greater upgradability & reparability of phones, and use less harmful chemicals in their processes


“IBM has decided to dedicate the patent to the public.”

The ever-benevolent Big Blue decides not to enforce a patent it was recently granted for Out-of-Office email replies