Clario bids to de-fang security with consumer-friendly approach

A new company is taking a very different route to defending personal data.

The information security sector is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, to re-frame Winston Churchill's take on Russia. Based on unfathomably deep technology, we almost all struggle to keep up with it. What do we need? Which vendor is best-in-class? How do we use it? Can we trust it? A new venture is trying to address that tricky issue and answer those questions.

"Clario is a modern security and privacy product where we've completely changed the user experience so it's different to anything in the market," says Alun Baker, a software veteran who is now CEO at London-based Clario Tech, founded in 2019.

"If you look at traditional cybersecurity companies, most have roots in antivirus and they're complicated, technical and customers are not engaged. It's a spinning wheel looking for finding viruses that you have and fixing them. What people are doing in this market isn't working. Consumers are not being championed."

Security fears have created a vast market with IDC saying that spending is due to pass $133bn in 2022. It's hard enough for the world's largest corporates to understand what's going on, such is the blurring and morphing of activity, so what chance the poor consumer? Baker says he was attracted by the challenge and its toughness was part of that appeal.

"The security industry is so traditional," he adds, "and I love the opportunity to disrupt and pivot businesses and make a difference. This is about consumer protection and privacy and the impact of cyber becoming more sophisticated. AV is a piece of housekeeping, a necessity, and it was easy money for people because OEM models pre-loaded software on PCs and it became the focal point for the way most people defend themselves against cybercrime."

(Re)building a brand

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