This month in tech history: 31 March 1995 - Bob is born

In March 1995, Microsoft released “Bob”. He wasn’t well liked.

At CES in January 1995, Bill Gates announced Microsoft Bob. An early personal assistant, Bob was intended to help guide novice computer users through some basic Windows tasks, thanks to a virtual ‘house’ with rooms, doors, and cartoon assistants. You logged in by clicking on a door knocker, then different rooms within the house contained decorations and furniture, as well as icons representing applications, for example a clock for the calendar, pen and paper for the word processor. Bob allowed you to customise the house, with full control over decorating the rooms and changing their themes, adding or removing them, and changing the destinations of the doors.

[image_library_tag b3a9449c-e347-41b0-ba25-a63956b5b339 640x480 alt="bobhome2" title="bobhome2 - " width="640" height="480"class="center "]

Bob had 17 different ‘friends’ to help you out, each of which had a unique personality. The default assistant was Rover “an easygoing sort of pup” who could “dig up information and fetch whatever you need”.

[image_library_tag 6a84a18c-9268-475b-948f-5a32a55e6417 351x310 alt="rover" title="rover - " width="351" height="310"class="center "]

Released just as the internet was getting popular, Bob also offered basic email via MCI Mail. The dial-up account cost $5.00 per month and allowed the user to send up to 15 emails per month, with additional emails charged at 45 cents. Emails were limited to 5000 characters.