Politicians Talk Tech: Peter Fleming, Sevenoaks District Council Leader

Are parliamentarians behind the times or tech savvy representatives? We chat to global politicians to discover how they view and use tech...

Are parliamentarians behind the times or tech savvy representatives? We chat to global politicians to discover how they view and use tech... 

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 Name: Peter Fleming                                    

 Role: Leader, Sevenoaks District Council

 Party: Conservatives

 Constituency: Sevenoaks District


You recently spoke at the Digital Democracy Commission about Representation in the Digital Age. What are your hopes for the Commission?

That it explains and moves digital democracy on at the centre.

Which countries, organizations or politicians do you think are getting Digital Democracy right?

Not sure.

Are the UK Government, political parties, and politicians in general embracing technology enough and in the right ways?

Yes and no, partly this is a generational issue, but some of it is the fact our political system is not designed for the modern word so structural change would be needed.

What are your thoughts about the rise of internet/technology-centric political parties such as the Pirate Party?

Whilst increasingly important, because of the narrow range of polices and lack of mass appeal it will be hard for them to break through in first past post elections.

Are you in favour of e-voting in elections?

As long as people can be assured their vote is secure and private then yes.

Should internet access be a human right?

I think perhaps we should make sure everyone has access to food, water, shelter and medicine first.

What are your views on the NSA/GCHQ revelations over internet monitoring?

That anyone was surprised they were monitoring us.

Do you agree with the idea of an Internet Bill of Rights to protect internet freedom & net neutrality?


Are you concerned about the power/activities of internet groups such as Anonymous?

Not really, although any execution of power without responsibility has the potential to go wrong.

Do tech firms have too much influence in politics?

Nope, no more than big oil/gas, media, finance etc… in fact probably less.

How tech savvy would you say you are?

Pretty tech savvy.

Do you use social networking for either your work or personal life?


What devices do you use to access the internet/conduct work?

Sony Xperia Z1 ULTRA, Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1.

Are you aware of Bitcoins?


Do you know how to code?

Currently teaching myself java.


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