Everything you need to know about… Automation

Our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on automation.

Automation is becoming increasingly prevalent in enterprise to take care of simple, repetitive tasks and free up teams to spend more time doing meaningful work. As customers and boards drive the increase of enterprise automation, more use cases will appear to push it even further into the mainstream.

Here's everything you need to know.

Automation basics

Task and process mining clear way for dynamite RPA

Technology analysts suggest that a key route to getting people and digital workflows to run in harmony with each other is through the use of both task and process mining.

Customers are boards will drive CIOs to automate

Automation will completely reshape organisations and society. CIOs are discovering opportunities for their organisations.

Is Robotic Process Automation the next big trend in enterprise digitalisation?

As investment in Robotic Process Automation increases, could it be the great new wave of enterprise technology?

The thorny issue of automation across Latin America

How Latin America needs to respond to automation.

The c-suite talk business automation

Autto wants to rev legal sector by automating rote tasks

UK startup with legal roots has a SaaS platform for removing dull human inputs from workflows 

Chris Bradshaw, CMO of Blue Prism talks RPA's PR problem

RPA firm Blue Prism has parsed RPA sentiment to provide an interesting take on automation perception and fears.

Aera plots new era of automated decision-making

Who's making the decisions in this business? It could be the computer…

Automation Anywhere CEO wants us all to have ‘a bot for that'

Mihir Shukla sees humans, bots and hardware robots working happily together in an augmented future.

Preparing for the effects of automation 

Automation tools promise to accelerate machine learning

Automated machine learning promises to help companies make the most of their resources.

Are governments doing enough to regulate new tech?

With the rise of new innovations like AI, automation, and robotics, are governments capable of keeping this technology in check?

On the edge of IoT as 5G comes of adolescence

To cope with the increased complexities of 5G and the IoT organizations will have to look for more automation.

How to plan business process automation

How to scale an RPA robot economy upwards (&outwards)

Businesses need to scale, but how does it work in the real world and how do you handle the challenges it presents?

Robotic Process Automation: Lessons learned from the early adopters

Robotic process automation is set to see massive growth in the coming years, so what can newcomers learn from the companies that have been experimenting with RPA for years?

Engaging the Millennial workforce through automation

The key to driving millennial workforce engagement is to automate repetitive tasks and develop automated software bots to help with mundane jobs.

CA turns to AI, Analytics, and mainframes to stay young

In an attempt to stay relevant, CA sees its future relying on AI, especially within the realms of analytics and automation.

Are chatbots really transforming business?

Business are increasingly adopting chatbots as part of ambitious automation strategies, but is this approach transforming conventional business models?