InfoShot: Will robots steal manufacturing jobs?

How will advanced manufacturing technology impact traditional US factory workers?

Technological advancements are having a major impact on US manufacturing as the skills gap to keep up with the new roles required is widening rapidly. A report by Deloitte last year predicted that the gap will “grow to two million between 2015 and 2025”. The challenge lies in improving the skills of current factory workers as automation takes on repetitive tasks while also hunting for highly skilled programmers and data scientists to carry the current manufacturing model to its advanced level.

A new report by PWC, Upskilling manufacturing: How technology is disrupting America’s industrial labor force, surveyed 120 US manufacturers to examine “how advanced manufacturing technologies are impacting the workforce dynamics”. The report found that manufacturers still believe there will be skills shortages in the future but are working on strategies such as upskilling current employees with in-house training and vocational training. But the manufacturers remain largely unconcerned about robots stealing manufacturing jobs.

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