The CMO Files: Jonathon Kofler, Access Self Storage

"I think in most roles it’s important to accept when you do not understand something and to proactively seek help and advice or do the research."

Name: Jonathon Kofler

Organization: Access Self Storage

Job title: Head of Marketing

Location: London, UK


Jonathon Kofler is Head of Marketing for Access Self Storage. Kofler studied business management at Sheffield Hallam University, and has worked in digital sales and marketing for 15+ years. At Access Self Storage he is responsible for driving growth across the business’ 56 nationwide stores.

Where were you born and raised? I was born and raised in Derby, in the UK.

What was your first job? I started out working for an import/export wholesale business, packing orders to be shipped out to customers. It was very different to what I do now but it was a great starting place for me.

What was the first product you got really excited about? The Sega Mega Drive. You can still buy it today with all the classic games built-in!

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? Definitely my father, he instilled core values in me that I live by to this day.

What has been your greatest achievement? Career-wise it’s got be to successfully managing the sale of a retail business to Sports Direct.

What has been your biggest mistake? Only studying business at university. I should have incorporated computer science and programming.

What is your greatest strength? I’m very proud of my management and team-building skills.

What is your biggest weakness? Probably my tendency to be too stubborn!

What do you think is the aspect of your role most neglected by peers? I think in most roles it’s important to accept when you do not understand something and to proactively seek help and advice or do the research. There are lots of ways to self-improve and it’s something I really encourage here at Access Self Storage.  

Which word or phrase is your mantra and which word or phrase makes you squirm? My mantra is ‘Learn quick and move fast’. My squirm word is ‘can’t’, all that really means is ‘I don’t want to’.

What makes you stressed? Poor planning and timing.

What do you do to relax? Play football and catch-up with friends. It helps me think more clearly when I go back to the office.

What is your favorite song? Mr Brightside by The Killers.

Which book taught you most? The Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck.

Do you have a team or sport that you follow? Derby County F.C.

Which country would you like to work in? It’s always been a dream to work Stateside.

Which company do you think has the best marketing? Bombay Sapphire has done fantastically. They changed the color of their bottle to blue and became an instant market leader.  

What do you love most about your job? I love improving the product and the different ways it is available to the consumer through the website.

What is your favorite book? It has to be The Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck again! Keep pushing and growing, it’s the only way to improve.

What keeps you awake at night? Website enquiry numbers!