CIO Spotlight: Patrick Foxhoven, Zscaler

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? "Be passionate. Being technically right about something is not always the correct answer. The world is full of grey - even math."

Name: Patrick Foxhoven

Company: Zscaler

Job title: CIO and VP of Emerging Technologies

Date started current role: October 2012

Location: San Jose, California

Patrick Foxhoven is an experienced and innovative managed security entrepreneur and technologist, having spent 20 years building secure and scalable internet-enabled networks while co-authoring three books on information security and receiving multiple patents. Prior to joining Zscaler in 2010, he was a founder and CIO of CentraComm, a leading managed IT security and services provider, and served earlier as an owner and principal network engineer of Friendly Net, an early residential ISP in the mid-west United States.

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