CIO Spotlight: Dmitriy Yegarmin, NAKIVO Inc.

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? "Be aware of the latest IT trends. Developing soft skills is as important as technical ones. In addition, always do backups!"

Name: Dmitriy Yegarmin

Company: NAKIVO Inc.

Job title: CIO

Date started current role: October 2012

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Dmitriy Yegarmin has multiple years of working experience as a system engineer/administrator in big companies such as: EastOne Group - (an international investment advisory group) and OTP Bank (largest independent financial services provider in Eastern Europe). Yegarmin has been working at NAKIVO Inc. since the company's creation, in 2012.  As a CIO, he is responsible for supporting daily IT operations across all NAKIVO's offices in all countries, developing new IT projects, and supporting the existing IT infrastructure.  

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