CTO Sessions: Bernd Greifeneder, Dynatrace

What makes an effective tech strategy? "...I think an effective tech strategy is built around innovating for a solution, not just taking the latest technology and shoehorning it into your solution."

Name: Bernd Greifeneder

Company: Dynatrace

Job title: CTO & Founder

Date started current role: August 2008

Location: Linz, Austria

Bernd Greifeneder is Dynatrace's CTO and previously held the role of Founding CEO at the company. A serial entrepreneur, Dynatrace is Bernd's third successful venture and with more than 15 years of engineering leadership under his belt, he owns nine tech patents. In his spare time, Greifeneder advises start-up companies, speaks at entrepreneurial events and supports academic technology research.

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