Rant: Apple's annoying autocorrect

Apple’s autocorrect needs to get its act together.

I am all up for technology making my life easier. Whatever makes my life more convenient and trouble-free - sign me up. But when something that is supposed to make your life easier ends up being a chronic pain in the butt - then we have a major problem.

And nothing drives me up the wall more than Apple’s autocorrect function when you are trying to text someone. I say ‘trying’ because what is supposed to be a quick and easy exchange turns into a battle where autocorrect deems it necessary to correct me on every account, even with words that logically make sense. In fact, the more I try to correct it, the more antagonistic it becomes, questioning my every move. I think I know what I want to say thank you very much. 

You would think that backspacing and re-typing the word three, five, ten times would make autocorrect catch on. Nope.

Sometimes I am simply not in the mood to argue so I end up pressing send anyway, despite the fact that my text makes little sense. But I hope that my friend will just “get it” because, after all, we have known each other for a long time and they should know the inner workings of my mind by now. But turns out, my friend doesn’t know me as well as I thought as I usually get a bewildered response saying “whaaaaat?!”

Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t autocorrect supposed to learn from you each time you type? So it becomes smarter at anticipating your needs? Now I know what most people would say. Just go into settings (or wherever the function is located) and turn it off. Simple. But then that requires more effort on my part and involves searching through the menus, sub-menus, categories, sub-categories and so on and so forth.  

So you end up in a quandary: what will take more time and effort? Constantly battling autocorrect to get my message right or taking as much time or more trying to figure out how to turn it off?

Maybe I am just making excuses for not turning autocorrect off yet, because as frustrating as autocorrect is, it does have those rare moments of getting it right. And despite it being completely oblivious to all context – it does sometimes make me smile.

So perhaps it’s these little moments that prevents me from turning it off completely. And the hope that one day it will finally learn my typing patterns and stop being so damn annoying. I’m sure autocorrect is just as fed up with me as I am with it. But I won’t give up on it – yet.