Vodkalisation: Five vodkas to drink with these virtualisation white papers

Your guide to Software-Defined alcohol appreciation.

After the positive reaction to our Gin-based GDPR piece, we’ve come up with more alcohol-based technology puns.

Virtualisation, Software-Defined everything, and Containers are stirring up change in data centres the world over. But they’re also complicated concepts surrounded with a lot of marketing bluff. And it starts with a V, just like vodka.

So, here’s a list of useful virtualisation-based white papers to help you get your head around the concept, coupled with some nice vodkas.


[image_library_tag 5b984fd9-f8fd-4827-af3f-e4ee303438d0 100x100 alt="russian-standard-vodka" title="russian-standard-vodka - " width="100" height="100"class="left "]Drink one:

Software-Defined Data Center: Get the Most Out of Today’s Infrastructure

Understanding the Difference Between Network Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking

A couple to ease you in. The Aberdeen report for IBM looks at the role of the Software-Defined data centre in Digital Transformation efforts, and how it can better set them up for future change and success. The second eBook helps define the difference between Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Virtualization to avoid any confusion.

Where better to start than with Standard vodka. Russian Standard is a safe but popular staple. Clean, crisp, and Russian. Cheap and will definitely make you very cheerful.


[image_library_tag da681334-9a9e-4c4a-8475-b787c33e9d26 100x100 alt="titos" title="titos - " width="100" height="100"class="left "]
Drink two:

Why Leading Organizations are Modernizing Their Infrastructure

Now that we’ve defined what virtualisation is, here’s seven case studies that outlines how companies have benefitted from software-defined hyper-converged infrastructure. Featured companies include CenturyLink, ZettaGrid, and the Marriot hotel chain.

Produced in Austin, Texas, Tito's Handmade Vodka is made from yellow corn instead of wheat or potatoes in old fashioned copper pot stills. Has a hint of spice and is good for mixing.


[image_library_tag c2db574f-7e90-488b-84b5-1a6001490c66 100x100 alt="zubrowka-bison-grass-vodka-by-cedc-international-sp" title="zubrowka-bison-grass-vodka-by-cedc-international-sp - By CEDC International Sp. z o.o. via Wikimedia Commons" width="100" height="100"class="left "]

Drink three:

Virtualization’s Hidden Gem: Application Security

Next up is some shameless self-promotion. This very good, excellent IDG Connect white paper from VMWare looks at how network virtualisation and micro-segmentation can be used to help improve application infrastructure security and make it the best, most secure infrastructure it can be.

I would recommend some good old Trump Vodka, but it was discontinued in 2011. Instead have some Zubrówka Bison Grass Vodka; a nice tipple flavoured with the Bison Grass from the Białowieża Forest of Eastern Europe. Mix with apple juice to create what is known in English as a Frisky Bison or Polish Kiss.


[image_library_tag 7174f883-68b3-4ff2-89a3-445c3cacbe84 100x100 alt="luksusowa-vodka-by-wjdpr-via-wikimedia-commons" title="luksusowa-vodka-by-wjdpr-via-wikimedia-commons - By Wjdpr via Wikimedia Commons" width="100" height="100"class="left "]

Drink four:

The Essential Guide to VM-aware Storage

With virtualised infrastructure comes new storage needs. This paper from Tintri outlines how VM-aware storage is different from your traditional storage that’s built for physical workloads. 

You can get vodka from milk, corn, wheat, grapes, horseradish, even quinoa and hemp, from all over the world: the UK, US, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Iceland and beyond. But most people will probably think potatoes and Eastern Europe. Enter Luksusowa Vodka; a Polish potato vodka that’s been in production since 1928 and is filtered through charcoal and oak chips. Creamy with a lightly sweet taste.


[image_library_tag 62872edc-7151-49cd-bb5e-21fe2efc7697 100x100 alt="blue-duck" title="blue-duck - " width="100" height="100"class="left "]

Drink five:

Container Storage for Dummies

After virtualisation comes containerisation, which enables companies to create all kinds of microservices. But this is still a technology in its nascent stage, and you’ve probably got lots of questions. Container Storage for Dummies outlines everything you need to know in order to get starter with containers.

For this we’d recommend Blue Duck, a vodka from a New Zealand-based distillery inspired by the “very rare and endangered blue duck”. Distilled seven times from pure NZ spring water, it boasts a clean taste with hints of pepper spice and lemon, and with every bottle sold, the company donates to help protect wildlife and wild places, so it’s a win all round.


[image_library_tag e2ee9119-c0ad-4d8d-8ab2-6e2786d71cb0 100x100 alt="shutterstock-56499592" title="shutterstock-56499592 - " width="100" height="100"class="left "]
Non-alcoholic bonus:

The Rising Value - and Falling Cost - of App and Desktop Virtualization

This last paper looks at the appeal of desktop virtualisation architecture. Lower costs for the business and greater mobility options for employees; sounds great, no?

For any of you who don’t drink, how about a nice mocktail? We recommend making a Virgin Bloody Mary: tomato passata, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, salt, celery, and if you’re feeling wild add some spring onions and chives. Or have a virgin screwdriver (aka a nice glass of OJ).


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