CTO Sessions: Stijn (Stan) Christiaens, Collibra

Which emerging technology are you most excited about the prospect of? "Outside of Collibra's domain, I'm quite excited by biological engineering such as CRISPR."

Name: Stijn (Stan) Christiaens

Company: Collibra

Job title: CTO & Co-founder

Date started current role: September 2015

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Stijn Christiaens, also known as Stan, co-founded Collibra NV in May 2008 and has been its Chief Technology Officer since September 2015. Christiaens is responsible for product management and UX; Collibra Center of Excellence; Collibra University and Collibra NV's online learning platform. He served as the Chief Operating Officer at Collibra NV from 2008 to 2015. Christiaens has been a R&D engineer in the supply-chain and warehouse management industry and a researcher at the Semantics Technology and Applications Research Laboratory (STARLab) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium.

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