Quotes of the week: David Bowie, Bitcoin, & Aliens

Some of the best quotes from the tech industry this week.

“[The] interplay between the user and provider will be so sympatico it will crush our ideas of what mediums are all about … the idea that the work is not finished until the audience come to it and add their own interpretation.”

- David Bowie anticipating Web 2.0


“The recent trend to develop services in which some basic content can be accessed free of data charges (such as Facebook’s Free Basics or Internet.org), while other content is subject to data charges, would appear to be the antithesis of net neutrality and a distortion of markets.”

- World Bank report


“I would however love to see the real Star Trek food replicator in every house, printing your favourite food with the press of a button!”

- Printr CEO, Douwe Bart Mulder


“Finding aliens [in space] would be a plus - I hope that tourists wouldn't get charged more if this happens.”

- Anonymous respondent in IDG Connect’s recent space tourism survey


“Some of them simply don’t work in practice despite sounding wonderful on paper.”

- Paul Cotton, Apps and Online Manager at One Education on the failings of One Laptop Per Child


“The fundamentals are broken…I will no longer be taking part in Bitcoin development and have sold all my coins.”

- Mike Hearn, noted Bitcoin expert and developer


“If we could just take a local council area and make its district heating a bit more efficient, that to me is a smart council. We can make change happen very quickly today without having to be experimental. We don’t need driverless cars to be smart, do we? If they come around, then, great.”

 - Tanuja Randery, Schneider Electric’s UK president on overcomplicating “smart things”


“Why would you need to work a 60-80 hour week, when you will earn the same for a 35-40 hour week?”

- Lars Nordwall, COO of Neo Technology


“[In the future] “sporting venues and buildings will use a couple of autonomous drones, preventing pigeons from landing on the building.”

- Thibaut Rouffineau, IOT Evangelist at Ubuntu


“Running late to grab a morning coffee, perhaps it could arrive by Starbucks drones? Need a suit dry-cleaned ASAP, maybe it could be picked up and dropped off by dry-cleaning drones?”

- Abby Francis of Mobiles.co.uk