China: Jack Ma, Alibaba & the rise of Singles' Day

A roundup of our coverage on Jack Ma, Singles’ Day and tech in China

In China, Singles’ Day is a just like Cyber Monday in the US. Only because it is in China it is even bigger. In fact, Alibaba recorded $9.3bn sales last year.

So, what is it really all about?


Some historical context… a deeper look at Chinese the Singles’ Day phenomenon

Singles’ Day has been a smash hit since it was appropriated by eCommerce giant, Alibaba in 2009. We discuss what this phenomenon means in a country where the working age population is fast dwindling, there aren’t enough people for everyone to find a partner… and spending could be the only way out. What does Singles’ Day really mean in China?


20 of Jack Ma’s views on everything… from women to Forest Gump

Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma lacks the media-trained sheen of many US CEOs. He is playful, self-deprecating, humorous and fond of the west, but not to the point of having “gone native”. In an interview earlier this at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ma opened up to the CBS News anchor Charlie Rose on his life so far and his ambitions for his company. The highlights of this discussion can be found here.


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