Fintech is the latest niche to become hot for bespoke training

As prestigious intuitions worldwide launch fintech courses, we take a look at what they offer

It seems like everyone wants a piece of fintech. With global investment in fintech continuing to scale – doubling to $8.4 billion in Q2 2017 –  it’s more than clear that there is a big opportunity afoot, but getting started can be a complex web.

The University of Oxford has become the latest prestigious institution to launch its own fintech course that aims to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Oxford Fintech Programme has been designed by the Saïd Business School to help executives and entrepreneurs to build their financial technology products and services and keep up with the technology that is constantly threatening to upend the traditional players.

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Some of the key areas it will focus on are blockchain, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing and the course will use rather broad brushstrokes to cover a multitude of different areas.

“Students have an opportunity to dive much deeper into one particular area that might interest them,” explains David Shrier, a fintech entrepreneur and business author who is running the course with Nir Vulkan, associate professor of business economics at Oxford Saïd.

The demographics for who might take part in this online course is split between two groups – entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The former are people looking to start their own fintech business while the latter are professionals already working in a financial institution that are looking for ways to innovate with fintech within their corporation. The one thing that binds these people, says Shrier, is a common belief in the need to reposition themselves for major changes and job restructuring and losses in the finance sector, this so-called “new world order”.

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