Most Wanted B2B Tech in 2015

What tech companies should aim for in the coming year

2014 was a crazy old year. But what does 2015 hold for the tech companies of the world? What should they be striving for?

Here's the list of tech that offices won't want to be without next year.


Heartbleed, Shell Shock, Regin, backdoors, iCloud leaks, endless hacks and data breaches. Security is such a boring IT topic. Please sort it out people.

IoT ideas

2015 is going to be all about smart things. How can your company muscle in on the action? Smart homes? Smart trackers? Smart cars? Drones? Find your niche, before some other company does.

More clouds!

2014 was all about the Cloud. 2015 is going to be about managing all these different Cloud services you now employ.

More data!

Big Data was another big buzzword in 2014 and even before then. Expect more companies using “Big Data” to “drive insights” and things like that.


Are you with the NSA, or against it? Making your products NSA-proof will be a pre-requisite badge of honour for many companies hoping to appeal to the privacy-conscious.

Buying other companies…

2014 saw huge amounts of M&A action. Expect the bigger companies swallowing smaller upstarts aplenty in 2015.

…And breakups

In a challenging new world, old companies need to evolve. HP and Symantec have already split their companies this year, expect others to make similar moves in the future.

Astronomical valuations

Got an idea? Is it the next AirBnB/Uber for X? Help yourself to untold millions in investment. Don’t worry about making any profit. Just GROW!

Bubbles not bursting

There’s no real consensus on whether we’re in a Dot-ly tech bubble. Maybe 2015 will be the year it all goes belly up.

Crowdfunding success

Canonical tried it, so did Jolla. Got a new project you want to drum up support for? Get it on a Crowdfunding platform and let the masses supply you with the cash.