Carl-Manuel Brachet wants to find jobs for CEOs

Carl-Manuel Brachet, CEO of new cloud service Hyper, aims to make it easier for the C-Suite to find roles

Research commissioned by new cloud platform Hyper, suggests that over 78% of executives would like it to be easier for them to be identified for a new career opportunity, yet over 90%+ of senior opportunities are hidden. Hyper aims to rectify this by confidentially connecting individuals in the C-Suite with suitable leadership positions. We speak to CEO Carl-Manuel Brachet to learn more.


How did the idea for this platform come about?

As we were thinking about our next professional moves, we were struck by the "double-blind" problem in executive search. Two highly fragmented populations — executives and search firms — trying to find each other, but for whom conserving confidentiality is paramount. For executives, there is no visibility into >90% of executive positions, no visibility into which sectors or functions or geographies are driving demand for executive talent, and no option to maneuver themselves into open job roles that are hot in market. In addition, there is no efficient signaling or access to the thousands of search firms which hold the vast majority of open positions. 

For search firms, the long and costly phases of executive search and selection are the sourcing and qualification stages, which result in getting to a longlist of potential candidates. Providing search firms with a professional tool that captures key predictors of candidate-position fit and delivers predictive fit scoring helps accelerate time-to-longlist and ultimately time to fill.


What did it take to get it up and running?

We tested the business idea and concept for several months through multiple rounds of prototyping and focus groups. This period validated that we had put our finger on unmet needs, and that our proposed platform could address those needs. We had the prototype, the right team and the necessary funding, so the natural choice was to launch the company. After a seven-month stealth development period, we launched in pilot form in January 2017 and then market launched April 2017.


How do individuals become a member of the platform?

Executives can sign up online. They complete a five to six minute profile, including what would motivate them to change positions and their visibility preferences (who can access their profile and who cannot).


What factors does the algorithm include to surface hidden jobs?

The algorithm generates ‘tightness of fit’ scores reflecting the degree to which individual executives match the search firm’s criteria for a given position. This is designed to compress the search firm’s time to a ‘long list’, that is the time is takes the executive recruiter to decide who s/he will contact about the position.


Success of the platform must ultimately be determined by the scope of its reach - how many executives and search firms are currently listed on the site?

The reaction has been extremely positive on both ends. For instance, on the executive side, we’ve seen adoption rates of >30% on invitations to join the platform. There is a clear hunger for more visibility, more control over career destiny and efficient access to the highly-fragmented universe of search firms. Search firms have a real need for a professional tool specifically created for targeted search which increases their efficiency in the sourcing and qualification process.


How is this being funded?

The company raised an initial seed round of funding, and we expect to raise additional capital in the coming 18 months to accelerate growth and functionality expansion across multiple geographic regions. 


There has always been a hidden job market and the most successful career players have tended to be the ones who are best at developing and navigating a network – how has this situation changed?

The Hyper platform is designed to level the playing field for executives, including those without vast networks or ‘black-belt’ networking skills, by boosting market access.  Executives that do have great networks often lack the disposable time to keep in close contact with their networks. The platform is designed to help them stay in touch with the market and generate career options while they go about their busy work lives. Networking can be effective given sufficient time and energy poured into it, but it remains extremely inefficient. 


There have been a number of attempts to crack the hidden recruitment market for executives – what makes this different?

Unlike other executive career services, Hyper offers executives visibility into concealed executive search activity (centre of gravity, trending functions, industries, locations, skill sets etc.). It provides a picture of how executives are positioned versus demand, as well as insights for placing themselves into current sweet spots for executive talent. This is in addition to being matched to unpublished leadership positions. Hyper creates transparency while maintaining the confidentiality so important to both search firms and executives. 


The rise of automation is already tipped to impact middle management and the traditional professions – how will it change the roles and responsibilities of the top positions?

Soft skills such as leadership, building engagement and creating a shared vision will become disproportionately important in a world of lesser job stability and less formal employee relationships than in the past. “Employees" will increasingly become consultants and freelancers, which creates new demands on motivation, incentives, culture building, creating a sense of belonging and sharing a common vision and mission. Change management skills will also be a major requirement of senior leaders, as companies will need to continuously adapt to new opportunities and disruptions stemming from automation, digitalisation and the new economy.


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Hyper was created for executives by executives, and for executive recruiters by executive recruiters. In today’s day and age - executives are busy, really busy, and Hyper is designed as a conduit to allow more control over their career outcomes. We’re a young company, but our goal is for Hyper to evolve into a European internet champion with a global footprint.