Five clear blockchain uses outside finance

We look at some of the areas tipped for blockchain disruption

Everyone is talking about blockchain. It is called out by many as a ‘silver bullet’ and tipped to disrupt all kinds of industries. However, it is still mostly used in the finance sector. So, where else are the real life use cases for blockchain?


ONE: The airline industry

“Airlines, like other industries, are increasingly becoming digital businesses, and they will need to approach their problems in new, creative ways, which includes the adoption of technologies such as blockchain,” two executives from SolarWinds told us recently.

“Airlines conduct various business-to-business (B2B) transactions that touch other business and government entities for every traveller’s ticket.

“This means that without adopting something like blockchain, they will need to go through rigorous reconciliation processes between a multitude of systems to ensure operations and security. Use of cryptographic techniques can help provide shared ledgers and decentralise these types of reconciliation processes.”

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