Latin America: Highlights 2015

Highlights from IDG Connect's Latin America coverage this year.

This year we looked at a wide range of topics across the continent. From how Samsung is trying to make roads safer in Argentina with live video displays on the back of trucks, to exploring how a Mexican startup is helping musicians to collaborate on music projects in the cloud.

In 2015 there have so many interesting initiatives happening all over Latin America, like technology impacting school children in Chile, tech entrepreneurs flocking to Uruguay and the continent-wide rise of spy tools and conferences. See some of our main highlights below.


Pan-continent features

YellowPepper heats up LatAm m-payments
Should the US fear China’s Latin America connection?
Why spy tools are booming in Latin America



Argentina is betting on programming to boost its tech sector
Argentina is playing catch up in the 4G race
Argentina’s Globant is galloping ahead
Why is branded tech so expensive in Argentina?
See-through trucks: Samsung joins the road accidents fight



Bolivia proposes “sovereign cloud” to secure data



Caixa CIO on opportunities and challenges in Brazil
BT links Brazil’s remote users to lottery and money via satellite
Could 5G networks make Brazil’s traffic mobile?
Social network Facegloria: A Brazilian researcher’s view
Brazil’s supercomputer: hero, academic petaflop, or both?
The state of Brazil’s digital cities
Ecommerce in Brazil: Ways to overcome the obstacles
Brazilian retailer lets everybody set up shop on the web
How Adyen changed the way Brazilians pay
Villagers in Mexico build their own networks
The Brazilian trend for Bolivian & Paraguayan qualifications
Brazil moves faster to cloud, driven by need
Edutech booms as Brazil rethinks educational system



Acer is bringing free computers to schoolchildren in Chile
Chile: Khipu app makes payments less of a chore



Medellin: Colombia’s emerging tech hub



How Cuba is trying to catch up with the global internet
Cuba may take time to embrace an open internet



Mexico: State intervention & the end of the digital divide
Mexico: Business loans verified via Facebook?
Wavestack: Music & the Mexican startup scene
Méxicoleaks: A new online platform for whistleblowers
Social media and the ‘narcos’ in Mexico



Profit vs. need: A raw deal for Peru’s rural phone users
Peru’s controversial new data retention law
How is Neuromarketing shaping up in Latin America?
Mobile LatAm: A tech hungry market
Latin America warms up to mobile payments


Puerto Rico

Why did Google choose Puerto Rico for its modular phones?



Uruguay: The growth of tech startups for social change
How agri-tech saw production surge in Uruguay



Venezuela: An underground entrepreneurial beer revolution
Venezuela: The rise of digitally-enabled barter