C-suite talk fav tech: Nigel Allen, KYOCERA Document Solutions

What tech do the c-suite really get excited about?

CIOs, and increasingly CMOs and CEOs, may be responsible for the technology within their group but what about their personal preferences? We profile the global c-suite to learn more about their ‘fav tech. 


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Nigel Allen

Job title: Marketing Director

Company: KYOCERA Document Solutions

Industry: document solutions

Location: Reading, UK

Years’ of experience: 20+


What is your favourite personal gadget?

It has to be my iPad mini. Unsurprisingly, it’s also the gadget that I use the most- I take it everywhere! Even in the evenings it’s always next to my bed, ready to be used for browsing, checking the news, or even shopping… It’s the one gadget that I couldn’t be without; if it broke tomorrow I’d have to go out and buy another the next day.

Do you have a favourite piece of personal software?

I may be a bit late to the party with this one, but I’ve actually only recently discovered Spotify in all of its glory. I’d always heard about it, but I’d never really given it a go before. Now that I have I think it’s great- the whole concept is just fantastic and it’s unsurprising that it’s taken off in the way that it has.

What was the first piece of technology you got really excited about?

This is actually also a bit of a career highlight…

I was part of the Casio product marketing team which launched the UK’s first digital camera with an LCD screen, back in 1995. It was a really special project to be a part of because the product itself created such a buzz.

Of course, compared to today, when you’re hard pushed to find a phone which doesn’t have a built-in camera, a camera with a screen doesn’t seem like a particularly big deal. But back then, the ability to see your photos immediately after taking them was a completely new concept. It’s surprising how many people returned the product because they couldn’t work out where to put in the film!

That was probably the first piece of technology that I got really excited about it; was so different and it opened up so many other doors and future possibilities.


What device improves your life most at work?

It seems like a very conventional answer but it’s definitely my smartphone because I know that my life would be very, very difficult without it. It’s how I keep myself organised.

What software keeps you most productive at work?

Well, to be honest, my role is more about interacting with people so, in that sense, I’m not all that reliant on software. In terms of communicating with the team, and with customers, I’m a bit more old-school, preferring face-to-face conversations or (if failing that) email.

Having said that, one application that I am very reliant on is my Outlook calendar. It’s how I structure my whole day and it’s always pretty chock-a-block.

Is there any technology that has become extinct that you would like to resurrect?

Nothing really stands out or springs to mind… I guess the way I look at it is that all the technology we have now is an improvement on what we had before, so I don’t really see why we should go backwards.

Is there any technology you would personally recommend that you don’t think enough people know about? (Hardware or software, work or personal)

This is where I should talk about KYOCERA’s innovations including the many apps we develop locally for our products such as PostNow to replace your franking machine or Secure Audit to help identify where your printer is vulnerable from attacks. However, I guess that if I believe not enough people know about them, it means that I am not doing my job very well!

Do you think anything about your personal use of tech would surprise your colleagues?

While I mentioned the importance of my Outlook calendar for my work time management, at home we also have a digital Google calendar, rather than a more traditional paper calendar in the kitchen. The whole family share it so we always know who’s out and who’s at home. It’s a particularly useful tool when it comes to things like childcare and the fact that I can access it instantly from my phone (or even my iPad mini!) is an added bonus.

I mainly use tech to organise my time, so in using a digital calendar I’m able to overlap my personal and professional lives to a degree but also make sure that neither of them has a negative impact upon the other.