Most wanted B2C tech in 2016

What shiny tech do the masses want in 2016?

Gizmos, gadgets, thingies and whatsits. As long as it beeps and lights up, people want it. But what's going to be the big thing in 2016?

Here's the list of tech that the world won't want to be without next year:

Clever cars crashing clumsily

Thanks to Tesla, the roads are now full of (at least partially) self-driving cars. It’s unlikely that other companies won’t follow suit in the New Year, which can only mean trouble. It might be a journalist standing in front of one, it might be a hacker who wants his AI car to go faster, it might (and most probably) be some human not paying attention, but there will be self-driving accidents in the future. Expect the Daily Mail to implode when it does (and probably claim they give you cancer).


Samsung’s Gear VR has shipped, the Occulus and HoloLens aren’t far off, Magic Leap has to release something eventually, and phones getting better means Google Cardboard gets better. It’s a great time for Virtual Reality and the blocky headset. We all want one. We don’t know why, but we do. Give us one. Now.

Fashionable wearables

It might have made Apple a nice bob, but overall sales of wearable tech has been disappointing. Mostly because they look horrible. Perhaps with Fossil buying Misfit and the new watches from Huawei and Pebble not looking like hockey pucks with straps, the world will come round to the idea of wearable tech. Maybe people will accept the next iteration of Google Glass too.


There’s due to be more than a million of them sold this Christmas, which means drones are the new Pogs/BeyBlades/Pokemon/Tamagotchi/insert kid fad. Expect to see old ladies everywhere terrorised by tiny quadcoptors piloted by little oiks with negligent parents.

3D Printing

Does anyone still believe we’ll see a 3D printer in every home? They’re still not cheap, but if you’ve got a lot of spare cash and fancy a 1:8 scale model of yourself, or a poorly made new rotor blade for your drone, get yourself a 3D printer.


Maybe it’ll be Samsung’s foldable phone. Maybe it’ll be that circular Runcible phone, or the “Chromebook for phones” Nextbit Robin. Perhaps people will start to care about the environment and get the Fairphone. Whatever it is, mobile phones will sell by the millions in 2016, much like in 2015, 2014, and so on. Maybe people will suddenly want phones from Microsoft or BlackBerry. We joke. No one wants those. Everyone will just want the new iPhone, same as they do every year.


You’ve got a smart TV, nest, and Sonos. You’re halfway to the smarthome revolution. Now all you need is an IoT-connected fridge, washing machine, toaster, cooker, light bulbs, hoover, table, chair, bed, windows, door, shelving unit, garden, car, and clothes.