InfoShot: Jeff Bezos: The Everywhere Man

The Amazon founder and CEO has a seemingly unquenchable thirst to do new things

Has there ever been a company (Google perhaps?) that has tried to compete in so many marketplaces so early as Jeff Bezos’ Amazon? Not content with disintermediating booksellers, pioneering business-to-consumer e-commerce, making Amazon Web Services the platform for thousands of businesses, creating the world’s most popular e-reader devices and trialling drones for delivery, Jeff Bezos has bought a newspaper, invested in space travel, become a Hollywood mogul… oh, easier just to look at this graphic that captures just some of what the internet era’s Willy Wonka is up to.

[image_library_tag 0f470abb-51c6-423f-9ba3-809271663091 640x891 alt="jeff-bezos" title="jeff-bezos" width="640" height="891"class="center "]