Females 'outpacing' male counterparts in growing Sri Lankan developer community

While the gender imbalance is glaringly apparent in much of the world, in Sri Lanka, the number of girls graduating and becoming developers is practically outstripping the boys.

Gender balance in the UK tech sector will not be reached for at least another decade, according to estimates emanating from a research study by specialist IT recruiter CWJobs.

The study suggests male tech workers believe it could be another 14-years until there is an equal number of men and women working in the industry. But, thankfully, three quarters (70%) of industry professionals agree that gender balance is very important or crucial within technology roles.

"Equality is coming - but we cannot afford to sit back and wait until the 2030s," comments Dominic Harvey, a director at CWJobs.

Harvey's short comment speaks volumes, that is - we won't get there next decade… it'll be the one after.


Symptom of a generation

But is this sluggishness a factor and a symptom our own already established base of IT professionals? Could new, more emerging markets than the UK (or indeed North America or other developed economies) now outpace us in the race to tech gender equality?