Nutanix CEO on atomization, incumbents, IBM and VMware

Dheeraj Pandey answers questions on everything from the miniaturization of computing to the risks of being a leader

Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey is among the best speakers about IT today. Urbane, witty and a scholar of the history of computing, he talks fluently about a wide variety of topics. At the recent .NEXT conference in London, he took questions from a group of journalists; the following is a heavily edited precis of his answers.


On the "atomization" of computing…

"The first computer was really big and with Moore's Law things got a lot smaller, and since then we've really atomized computing. You have to make the unit of compute lightweight. Everything we have is miniaturized, they've all become simple apps [and it becomes a question of] ‘how can you do more with less?'"


On the need for multiple clouds and deployment types…

"If you think about ‘what is a cloud?' a cloud is something that serves the needs of computing. That's the pull of the law. You can't say ‘it has to stay there' [and] people still have immense concerns over the security of data."

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