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IDG Connect's roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on artificial intelligence.

Across the board, it's impossible to ignore that everyone is jumping on the AI band wagon - from technology giants, to entire countries. Now, with AI gathering momentum and heading towards the workplace, it's important to recognise how it could help solve real-world issues like mental health and business ethics, as well as highlight its potentially darker applications.

Here's everything you need to know.

AI: The basics

What is formative AI and why should you care?

According to analyst firm Gartner, formative AI will help drive innovation over the next decade. But what exactly is it, and how can your business benefit?

Don't fly-by-wire with AI until you know the controls

Software developers should approach Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven programming controls with zeal and cautionary awareness in equal measure; no AI should be engineered-in until a technician understands how and why it can deliver the functions it promises.

Explainable AI: how are decisions made?

Exploring the difficulties of building transparent AI and predicting and explaining algorithmic bias.

We need to talk about ethics: AI data and the challenge of frameworks

What should enterprises do with AI data? And what would a framework for corporations to manage bias in data look like?

Demystifying the black box: IBM on how to get started with AI

IBM's Rob Thomas talks through to get started with AI, and some common pitfalls.

Communicating AI value will drive real success

Let us help you tell the right story about AI before fear damages any intelligent debate

How ethical do we want AI to be?

Data bias is not black and white but setting ethical parameters for AI now is crucial

AI in the workplace

Preparations to welcome AI colleagues into the workplace are underway.

Is AI helping or hindering IT defenders?

CTO Steve Grobman discusses how AI can help, or hinder, IT cybersecurity teams.

AI as disruptor

Task & process mining clear pathway for dynamite RPA

Only by understanding the way digital business works at the most granular level and being able to categorise different workflows into defined discrete elements can we manage people effectively and allow RPA ‘bots’ to sit alongside their human counterparts with maximum efficiency.

H2O.ai CEO tools up for ubiquitous AI

Sri Satish Ambati wants to make AI as elemental as water.

Chipmakers size up the AI opportunity

Why is there an accelerating arms race in processors designed for AI and machine learning and what does this mean for businesses developing AI/ML to solve their own problems?

From artificial intelligence to augmented intelligence

How is augmented intelligence disrupting traditional notions of AI and how businesses can benefit from it?

How AI is being used to help tackle mental health issues

As businesses put more focus on employee wellbeing, they're looking at the ways AI and machine learning can help identify and treat mental health issues in the workplace.

The dark side of AI: Part one

In part one of our snapshot of the darker side of AI, we talk about the more controversial uses of AI and its use in cyberwarfare

The dark side of AI: Part two

In part two of our snapshot of the darker side of AI, we talk about AI's impact on customer privacy and compliance

Chipmakers size up the AI opportunity

Why is there an accelerating arms race in processors designed for AI and machine learning?

AI is starting to drive survival of the fastest

Chetan Dube, founder and CEO of IPSoft believes businesses will live or die by AI adoption.

AI is improving lives and business processes

Initial implementations of AI are creating efficiencies and more interesting jobs

Are a skills gap and delusional thinking losing the AI race for Europe?

Supply and demand is woefully out of sync again as Europeans falter

AI around the world

Canadian AI sector developing growing reputation as world leader

Three years on from the launch of Canada's first ever national AI strategy, we look at what progress has been made and what it means for IT professionals.

4 Enterprise IT goals & their AI solutions

A look at four real-world examples of AI implementations.

Is Ireland's AI sector punching above its weight?

With €28 million funding directed to Ireland's AI efforts, we look at recent developments and consider the prospects for the ongoing growth of the Irish AI sector.

Rising star: a snapshot of Singapore's innovative AI approach

AI is set to be the one of the biggest economic opportunities of our time and Singapore's plan to bolster adoption and development is certainly worth paying attention to.

UAE's bold aspiration on becoming the leader in AI

The UAE government is investing big in artificial intelligence, and industry is following suit.

State of AI in India

What have been the main recent policy trends and developments in the AI sector in India?

AI in Latin American business

Latin American CEOs believe more strongly in the potential of AI technology than do those in North America and Western Europe, but are still less likely to have deployed it in their organisations.

AI in Chinese banking and finance

China's banking and finance sector is heavily investing in AI, and the country wants to be a global leader in this technology by 2030.

AI across Africa and the Middle East

A new report from Microsoft offers fresh insights into the way this new technology is seen and used across Africa and the Middle East.

The state of AI in South Africa

A look at some of the most recent developments in artificial intelligence in South Africa.