Clumio seeks to SaaS-ify backup and recovery

Poojan Kumar, CEO of Clumio, wants to apply the SaaS approach to DR

When software as a service was born in the late 1990s, pretty much everything changed in IT and every category has since been redefined… but some more than others. Data backup and recovery has been a tougher nut to crack but a startup called Clumio wants to address that partial omission with a native multitenant cloud service.

The two-year-old Silicon Valley company recently came out of stealth mode, revealing that it had raised about $51m over two funding rounds to begin its mission to do for space what did for CRM, what Google did for productivity apps and, well, you can name many others yourself.  

"The ‘why?' of Clumio is this whole move to SaaS and this whole sector has been ‘SaaS-ified' even now to include data warehousing with Snowflake," says CEO Poojan Kumar when we shared a conference call.

Kumar makes the classic SaaS/cloud argument that nobody in the right mind wants to spend a chunk of admin time on geeky IT of patching and maintaining software instead of adding value and focusing on the business.

"Who in 2019 is in the business of managing infrastructure and backup?" he asks. "They all want to ditch it."

That's sort of true in progressive organisations, but backup has always been a fairly conservative space for obvious reasons and even now old software makes lots of new money on the inertia of customers.

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