A c-suite guide to blockchain 2018

Our new report looks at blockchain in 2018

IDG Connect research reveals only 13% of senior IT leaders surveyed have clear and current plans to implement blockchain - yet the hype and litany of use cases goes on and on. Download this short report to find out what this technology really might mean, the state of the vendor market and whether the biggest potential lies in securing the Internet of Things.

The hype around blockchain is divisive and seemingly never ending. Some people still believe it is the answer to almost all world problems while others ultimately dismiss it as overinflated nonsense.

However, the picture has softened a little over the last year. As Tiana Laurence, author of Blockchain for Dummies explained in her end of 2017 trends piece, blockchain has proved itself across voting, investing and official records and is due to slowly converge with other trends through 2018.

In this short new report we attempt to look beyond the fluff and guff and - rather than listing individual use cases or talking at length about the bits and bytes of the technology - we look at what all this might mean. This includes a snapshot of the big picture potential (plus the limitations holding this back), new research into current usage along with concrete business insight into how the vendor space, and particularly convergence with IoT, might pan out in practice. Read the full report here.  

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