Commvault thinks it's hip, and is stealing talent from rivals to prove it

Why a change culture which allows failure means Commvault is stealing the cream of the crop from the likes of EMC, Veeam, and Veritas.

Data protection is necessary, but not cool. And Commvault, as a 20+ year-old provider of data protection and management services, doesn’t exactly come across like a trendy startup. However, its employees tell me otherwise.

“I think Commvault is hip,” says Christian Lang, EMEA Sales VP. “We're bringing a lot of people on board who are joining us coming from competition.”

Lang says recent months have seen waves of recruits looking to join the New Jersey-based company from the likes of EMC, Veeam, and Veritas.

“They are finding something at Commvault, not only top technology but I think a company with a good change culture which allows failure, where we are really working hard on moving forward, changing things.”

Mark Jow, EMEA Technical Services VP, agrees.

“Having been here at Commvault for ten years, it's probably the most exciting time. We’re now able to attract talent from organizations that, in fairness have been giving us a big run for our money over the years, particularly Veeam.”

Old rivals Vertitas recently spun back out from Symantec as an independent company. But Jow, a former Veritas man himself, says Commvault is seeing a flow of intellect from his old company “actively knocking on the company’s door” looking to join as employees.

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