Africa: Highlights 2015

Highlights from IDG Connect's Africa coverage this year.

2015 was a great year for IDG Connect’s African content. We covered everything from misogyny in Liberia to blogging for local recipes in Kenya and 3D printers made from eWaste. We revealed how successful women are starting businesses in Africa and interviewed one of the leading female experts in South Africa’s ICT industry. Here are some highlights.


Country features

Ghana: The tech startups scene
PaySail: A payroll and tax filing app for Ghana
Nigeria: “A simple tech solution to a complex food problem”
Nigeria: Credit card payments without the internet
Liberia: Misogyny, Ebola & the growth of tech
Why Rwanda is the darling of the internet
Solaris: Lunchbox-size energy businesses for rural Tanzania
Cameroon: A telemedicine approach to wound management



Kenya: Art and fashion helps e-waste disposal
SokoShambani: A Twitter app for rural Kenyan potato farmers
HisaPlay: Kenyan ‘stock market game’ teaches investing
TasKwetu aims to let the Kenyan diaspora invest at home
Tunnel Lab: Tech training for poor teens in Kenya and Brazil
Kenya debate: Government systems lead to online fraud
Blogging for local recipes in Kenya
Egg incubation for Kenyan smallholders
Mawingu: $3 a month Kenyan internet via TV white space & the sun
Re-looking at Kenya’s digital learning school project



South Africa: Being black and female in tech
Sub-Saharan Africa: Highest female entrepreneurship rate globally
Ubongo Kids: Ridiculously innovative African e-learning
Globetrotting Dimension Data takes new paths to services success


Pan-African articles

Proudli: A web platform for Africans and the diaspora
Finally, proper maps and addresses for Africans?
Inside Africa’s first infrastructure fund
BRCK latest plan to change education in Africa
Android One: Will Africa plans impact a global strategy?
Mobile money wars: Banks vs. telcos
Computers 4 Africa saves PCs… and lives too
AB3D: An African 3D printer made from eWaste
The race to connect Africa through satellite technology
Technology can spur the film industry in Africa