Network monitoring tools: Which work best?

Discover what real users think of the current batch of network monitoring software options

This month IT Central Station pulled a new report on what real users think of the various network monitoring tools out there. This includes an overview of the best solutions and a summary of the top 10 vendors.

“The main characteristic I adore is the open source character of it. You want to monitor a specific metric that nobody else has? You can do it even with the most basic of scripting skills…” explains one user, by way of feedback, for an extremely popular solution.

“This product has one foot in the past and another foot in the future. As a result, the approaches to managing components are not unified,” reads a less positive review of a different solution.

Based on between 10,000 and 46,000 comparisons – dependent on product – this report provides independent, unbiased feedback on the most popular network monitoring software available in the marketplace now.

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