The dark web & business report: A seedy Dickensian underworld online

We collate the opinions of 31 experts to discover the things businesses really need to know about the dark web

The dark web is getting talked about a lot at the moment. This is a shady Dickensian underworld of sexually exploited children, snuff movies and all your stolen details lifted by those virtual pickpockets.

But what do businesses need to know about it? Well, to find out we asked qualified experts to contact us and share their views. A group of 31 got back with answers to these three questions:

  1. What do large organisations need to understand about the dark web?
  2. What do many fail to grasp at the moment?
  3. How can understanding this space help them stay secure?

The final result was 23-pages – nearly 12,000 words – of expert responses covering the whole spectrum. It was quite a challenge to work out how best to present the information. So, we decided to break it down to an overview list of core points with some of the best comments included. The full list of contributors can also be found at the end of this short report.


The old curiosity shop: A miniscule mishmash of un-indexed sites

This space is tiny in comparison to the rest of the web. A recent article in Wired suggested there are between 7,000 and 30,000 hidden sites on the dark web. This equates to around 0.03% of the total web.

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