Buyer's Guide: Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) and XenApp

Discover what real IT Central Station users think of Remote Application Server solutions.

Remote application servers solve IT challenges with scalable and secure application delivery by providing remote access to apps and data over any network, on any device. This then allows businesses to provide continuous availability, resource-based load balancing, and complete network transparency.

But, as the market becomes increasingly saturated with different vendors all claiming their solution is the best, how can you be sure which one is right for your business?

IT Central Station has put together a new, independent report based on real users’ feedback. The 11-page document selected two leading solutions in the remote application server market and compiled a detailed and a direct comparison of both the offerings.


Rating the top remote application servers

IT Central Station outlined an initial 9 solution providers in their vendor directory and selected two standout application virtualization solutions, Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) and XenApp, to compare in this buyer’s guide.

The criteria used to evaluate the solutions consists of product reviews, ratings and comparisons to other solution providers. Each offering included in the report is accompanied by a sample of its customers, its top comparisons and some also have a breakdown of the industries and company size the majority of their reviewers originate from listed.

All the reviews included in the report have been posted in the 24 months prior to publication and are from real, authenticated users. These reviews are comprised from a selection of four key topic areas to ensure readers get an unbiased overview of each offering. These topic areas consist of the most valuable features of the solution, the improvements it made to the users’ organization, how the solution could be improved upon to and where relevant, its pricing, set up cost and licensing fee.


Based on tens of thousands of comparisons and dozens of bespoke reviews this short report offers unbiased feedback on the most widely used remote application servers in the marketplace today.

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