Crowdsourcing Innovation: Douk Damien, Creator of AI Watchtech

Crowdfunding sites are offering a new path for inventors with original ideas. We talk to inventors looking to gain the public’s favour...

Crowdfunding sites are offering a new path for inventors with original ideas. We talk to inventors looking to gain the public’s favour with something new to offer. Is this a business of the future?

[image_library_tag a45f805d-6c76-4c4a-89f4-5acac0f7c58a 170x170 alt="282709-10150258805244547-2306200-n" title="282709-10150258805244547-2306200-n" width="170" height="170"class="left "] Name: Douk Damien

 Job title: Creator & Developer

 Organisation: AI Watchtech

 Location: London UK



Product: A.I.Watch standalone smartwatch


[image_library_tag 594aff87-b85e-4ef6-99bb-3571b1d9268d 580x358 alt="aiwatch7" title="aiwatch7" width="580" height="358"class="center "]

What it does & how it works:

A.I. Watch is a smartwatch running on Android 4 with a revolutionary voice instructor that was created as a concept of the future, and how we will interact with virtual intelligence.

We are fascinated by having our own artificially intelligent companion.
You might remember Hal, Holly or Kit and we are heading toward this becoming a reality. A.I. Watch can be your mobile phone, tour guide, fitness instructor, social guide and much more. It's the world's first wearable smart watch phone using Android 4.0.4 OS, which adopts the most powerful hardware in the world on a Smart Watch dual-core 1.2G processor and it also supports 3G network.

Not only can it achieve common smart watch function, often called phone companion function, but A.I. Watch® is completely independent to any device, and also a fully-equipped smart phone that can use an ordinary Micro SIM card, with built-in GPS, WiFi, Smart heart rate, Camera, and other hardware configuration. As it is a real wearable smart phone, it can get access to the Google Play Store (Android Market) to download and install thousands of applications, as well as support developers to develop applications based on this platform.

What makes it special?

A.I. Watch is a revolutionary stand alone smartwatch, developed to be a real independent wearable lifestyle product that will interact with and be useful in any situation of our current life.

What’s your background, and what inspired you to come up with the idea?

6 years back I started to learn the techniques of jeweller metal art and crafts along with ancient techniques like “MOKUME GANE” (Japanese ancient art), mixing metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns used in the forging of swords and other Japanese ancient edged weapons. Creating jewels, dealing with precious metals and stones, I became more and more fascinated to involve myself in world of fashion jewellery, creating my own jewellers distinct bracelets with a combination of metals, crystals and semi-precious stones: “Annapurna” Bracelets, recognized and appreciated worldwide.

My fascination and love for high technologies still predominate in my imagination and finally I decided to design and create a revolutionary smart watch, genuine, independent wearable lifestyle product; a project that I worked on for more than a year. My purpose was to combine a luxury watch design with high technologies running all on Android OS.

Why Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a great crowdfunding platform and gave me the opportunity to show my project that I worked on for more than a year. A.I. Watch made a huge buzz in all the world media in a very short time and I realized that my dream became reality.

Is crowdfunding good for innovation? How so?

Crowdfunding platforms are excellent windows for startups and creators giving them the possibility to show their project and creations to users as well as potential investors. It is the quickest way to be a talk of the town, more over; the talk of the world. Within only 24 hours A.I. Watch made a huge buzz on the net and social networks and that brought us big interest from different sides.

Reactions on IGG?

I receive a lot of support worldwide and is also here my opportunity to thank everyone for their interest and great support for A.I. Watch.

What have you learned from your campaign?

It was my first time that I used a crowdfunding platform, I learned and discovered a whole new world of possibilities. I learned to be more specific about my project and how to give more information and explications about A.I. Watch and the possible interaction. I’m trying to understand users' needs so I can combine my view and their desires.

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The A.I. is one of the few standalone smartwatches – why are so many dependent on smartphones and what’s been the hardest part of developing the A.I. so it doesn’t need to do this?

The development of a standalone smartwatch takes much more time than a dependent smartwatch, it needs a lot of work on the PCB to make it a perfect standalone smartwatch with the size of regular watch.

The hardest part of A.I. Watch was the PCB / Printed Circuit Board:

Manufacturing PCB consists of many steps and after the printed board is completed, electronic components must be attached to form a functional printed circuit assembly PCBA. Component leads are electrically and mechanically fixed to the board but very tiny parts are soldered by skilled technicians by hand under a microscope.  After the board has been populated it's tested: quality control, analogue signature analysis, in-circuit tests, functional test, conformal coating (prevents corrosion and leakage) and more. This part is very important for us, as A.I. Watch stands for quality and we want to give the best experience ever immediately as soon the user opens it.

How do you plan to compete with the likes of Samsung, Sony and the other major players coming into the market?

Up til today Samsung, Sony and the other major players developed their own smartwatches only to be able to sell more smartphones, it’s a very good sale strategy, but our objective is to innovate this market with a smartwatch that will not be dependent on a smartphone.

How do you see people using your watch, and what sort of watch-apps are people developing?

Studies show that people check their smartphones an average of 150 times a day. That's 150 chances per day of dropping it, losing it, breaking it or worse. When was the last time you saw someone drop their watch? Having the watch on your wrist means independence and freedom and that’s what users love about A.I. Watch.

They are many developers that I am in contact with, and a lot of ideas are coming up. A.I. Watch will also have its own app store so the eco system can be better and more appropriate to a smartwatch.

Possible business use?

It is evident that for next 5 years and more, the market of smartwatches and smart wearable technologies is going to grow considerably and SWT are going to play an important part in our daily life. It has reserved a variety of apps expansion and users, which can be provided for medical, health, sports, RFID, NFC and other industrial users for the customized development.

I am determined to take part in this revolution and present myself as an important actor. Right now we are looking for leading and relevant partners, between all those who approached us in different fields such as; investors, manufacturers and world wide distributors. My priority is to expand as much as possible but also to protect A.I. Watch as a future world brand. 

Aims for the future?

There are big numbers of future plans for A.I. Watch and I am determined to achieve them despite the obstacles I might encounter as a young startup. My intention is to present final designs and features at CES 2014 ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Wearable Tech Israel, IFA Show Stoppers Berlin and much more.

I want to awake interest of more investors funding whole concept and be able to continue developing not only A.I. Watch smartwatch, but a number of advanced smart wearable lifestyle products as companions.