Enterprise GitHub projects of the week: Intelligence agency special

We look at some of the Open Source projects that can make your life easier.

Open Source is everywhere, and quickly becoming the new norm for how companies approach software development. We take at a look at some of the Open Source projects on GitHub (and one from BitBucket) from intelligence agencies around the world that can help make life easier for IT teams in organisations.


[image_library_tag 0e14c6d0-f419-46f9-b289-d1d951c63a1d 90x90 alt="casa" title="casa - " width="90" height="90"class="left "]
CASA by the USA’s NSA


Find it at: https://github.com/iadgov/certificate-authority-situational-awareness

What it does: Offers insights into the Certificate Authorities (CAs) currently trusted on a network.

Why is it useful: The Certificate-Authority-Situational-Awareness tool identifies unexpected and prohibited Certificate Authority certificates on Windows systems.

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