4 Enterprise IT goals & their AI solutions

A look at four real-world examples of AI implementations.

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For years technology professionals have been bombarded with messages proclaiming that AI will revolutionise their business. Experts have highlighted AI's ability to improve agility and productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risks - and yes, this is all true. However, with so many options available to them, IT managers really need to think about how AI could meaningfully benefit their business.

Like any emerging technology, AI projects run the risk of falling into the "science project trap" says Sudheesh Nair, CEO of business intelligence (BI) firm ThoughtSpot. He points out that organisations that have successfully deployed AI within the business are those who thought about specific use cases and how AI could advance them. 

"Whether you're leveraging AI to personalise customer interactions, improve processes or reduce operational costs, start with the outcome, then work backwards," he advises.

To help you see where your business might best benefit from AI, we share four real-world examples of AI implementations, illustrating the goal they were looking to achieve, and the AI technologies that enabled them to accomplish it.

Goal: Expand customer support services

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